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HSCB & HSAB Validation of Training Providers' Documents & Guidance

HSAB/ HSCB Validation for Training Providers

The Herefordshire Safeguarding Children Board (HSCB) and the Herefordshire Safeguarding Adults Board (HSAB) have a joint vision to support a competent children and adults workforce to able them to confidently identify and respond to children, young people and adults who may be at risk of harm, abuse or neglect. Concerns will be recognised early and people will be effectively supported. Professionals will work together to achieve a high level of transparency and competence.

To achieve the vision the HSCB and HSAB have developed a competency framework. The HSCB also offers targeted and specialist multiagency safeguarding children training for practitioners.

In addition to Board training resources, external training organisations have a key role to develop a competent work force. Both the HSAB and HSCB recognise that training organisations should be supported, encouraged and promoted when appropriate. As a consequence, HSCB and HSAB offer a Training Provider Validation Scheme to enable training organisations to be recognised by the Safeguarding Boards. The two Boards will support and promote validated training organisations and individuals and agencies that require training will be signposted to the validated training providers.

To achieve validation, agencies must complete and submit evidence against a set criteria to demonstrate competence and capability. The submission will be scrutinised by the HSAB, HSCB validation panel. Successful submissions/ agencies can promote the fact that they are validated by HSAB/HSCB and their details will be included on a training organisation register. Validation is required every three years.

To apply for validation please complete the application form below: