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Initial and Core Assessments replaced by Single Social Work Assessment

Wednesday 29 March 2017 11.48am

In September 2016 Herefordshire Council introduced the Single Social Work Assessment as a replacement for the Initial and Core Assessments that have been in place for many years.

Colleagues will be aware that the single assessment was introduced to most English authorities a little while ago. Between September and December existing initial and core assessments continued to completion.

From a professional perspective, this change should simplify the assessment process and reduce the number of requests for information because children will not progress from an initial assessment to a core.

The key activities will not change nor will the importance of understanding the child from all three domains. Although a single assessment can take up to 45 days we expect the majority to be concluded within ten days, reflecting the higher proportion of initial assessments to core assessments under the old process.

Professionals retain their duty to cooperate and the importance of seeing the child is retained. Assessments for children who continue to receive a service should be updated every twelve months. This was the case for core assessments in the past.