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Professionals - can you spot any danger signs when visiting a resident’s home?

Thursday 25 August 2016 12.09pm

In 2014, 72 year old William Thompson tragically died of smoke inhalation, when his bedding caught alight from a discarded cigarette.  Mr Thompson lived in supported housing and while smoke alarms were installed in his hall and kitchen, there weren’t any in his bedroom. 

As Mr Thompson was known to be a high fire risk, it has been suggested that the incident could have been avoided if the professionals dealing with his case had considered whether there was a smoke alarm in his bedroom. 

Whilst this case wasn’t in Herefordshire, it is suggested that it is the responsibility of more than one agency to ensure relevant safeguards are in place for vulnerable residents.  With this in mind, we’re asking all council staff and partner agencies that visit resident’s in their homes, to be vigilant and considerate of anything extra which could be done to improve a person’s quality of life or indeed save it and to report it to the relevant agency.

We all need to work together to protect and support the county’s most vulnerable residents.

To find out more about Mr Thompson’s case, please read the Courts and Tribunals Judiciary report.