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National Maternity Safeguarding Network and ICON

Tuesday 31 March 2020 10.04am

For the attention of Safeguarding Midwives 

We understand how challenging social isolation is for people, particularly people with young families.

NHS England have worked with ICON to issue some helpful tips to people with young babies.

Please work together where you can to look after our babies and children.

ICON COVID19 Condensed

ICON 6 Minutes hospital based intervention

Press Release copying with a Crying baby

AHT Grab Guide 

CS49907 NYY ICON leaflet

Where you cannot physically help parents please support them through phone calls and social media.

#COVIDSafeguarding is supporting and profiling the use of ICON, as attached.

Please do cascade across your system.

  • Kenny Gibson, National Head of Safeguarding ,NHS England and NHS Improvement.