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Herefordshire & Worcestershire Joint Conference on Child Exploitation - 21st May

Wednesday 12 May 2021 9.53am

CE Confererence

This first joint Herefordshire & Worcestershire conference on Child Exploitation has an amazing line up of guest speakers who are determined to raise awareness and help bring an end to child exploitation.

They include Sammy Woodhouse, Carlene Firmin, Peter Unwin, Maggie Oliver, Donna Thomas and Charlie Spencer.

Sammi Woodhouse is a survivor of the Rotherham CSE scandal which she helped to expose by giving an interview to Andrew Norfolk from ‘The Times’

Maggie Oliver is a former Detective constable with greater Manchester Police  and she was the whistle blower for exposing poor handling of the Rochdale CSE ring by her own force (think 3 girls)

Carlene Firmin MBE is a British social researcher and writer specialising in violence in young people, columnist and campaigner for social justice – Contextual safeguarding

Charlie Spencer was head of the youth offending scheme in the West Midlands, he has written and had published reviews with Croydon Safeguarding Children’s Board during 2019

Peter Unwin is a senior lecturer at Worcester University and has been commissioned (WSAB) to look at the transition at risk of CSE once the threshold of 18 has been reached.

Donna Thomas has been through the whole safeguarding system and has come out the other side, this will be her story

This conference is for practitioners, volunteers and individuals who work and engage with children and wish to develop their knowledge of the risk and harm to children and young people from exploitation.

The event will be online via Microsoft Teams and is free to attend.

Book your place now by clicking the image above, or going to