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Brand new Thinkuknow resource for eight to ten year olds

Friday 2 December 2016 10.48am

Today CEOP have launched a brand new Thinkuknow resource for eight to ten year olds called Play Like Share.

Play Like Share is a three-episode animated series and accompanying resource pack, which aims to help children learn how to stay safe from sexual abuse, exploitation and other risks they might encounter online.

The films, which can be downloaded from, follow the adventures of Alfie, Ellie and Sam as they form a band and enter their school's Battle of the Bands contest - taking on the mean but 'cool' Popcorn Wizards as they go. The three friends learn that while the internet can help them in pursuit of their goal, they need to use it wisely and safely.

Play Like Share helps children to identify the signs of manipulative, pressurising and threatening behaviour online. This is explored through relatable characters in peer-on-peer scenarios, where children recognise tactics such as flattery or bribery or that feeling you might get when something’s not right. This resource aims to develop the confidence and skills children need to respond to these situations and get help when they need it.

Included in the pack are optional extension sessions, designed to be delivered to small groups of particularly risk-taking or vulnerable children - as well as materials to engage with parents and carers.

For further information, visit and to register and download