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Tackling Child Neglect in Herefordshire

November 2018 - Update on use of Graded Care Profile 2 (GCP2)

HSCB requests that a GCP2 is always initiated in the following circumstances

  • S47 enquiries for neglect as part of the plan following strategy meeting
  • At family Network Meetings when an Early Help Assessment (EHA) is identified for neglect
  • As part of Child Protection Plan (CPP) following Initial Child Protection Plan (ICPP) and subsequently reviewed at a Review Child Protection Conference (RCPC)
  • For all cases where there is a second / subsequent CPP for neglect.

To find out more about GCP2 or to book a course, contact the Safeguarding Boards' business unit. You can e-mail on or call 01432 260100.

Working Together to Challenge Neglect in Herefordshire Conference Thursday 03 May 2018

Ninety Five delegates attended the Herefordshire Safeguarding Children Board, Working Together to Challenge Neglect Conference held at the Shire Hall, Hereford, on Thursday 03 May 2018. Feedback from delegates about the day was very positive.

Sally Halls (Independent Chair) of the Herefordshire Safeguarding Children Board welcomed the delegates and half a dozen agencies that attended with information stands. Keynote speakers were; Phil Raws, from the Children’s Society, who spoke about adolescent neglect, Susannah Bowyer, from Research in Practice, who discussed the link between neglected children and child sexual exploitation/ abuse, and, following lunch, Ane Freed-Kernis presented her thought provoking session on Practice Lessons from Serious Case Reviews.

Three workshops were offered during the afternoon titled; ‘Engaging with Children and Families’, ‘Identification and Assessment of Neglect – Graded Care Profile 2 (GCP2) and its use in Herefordshire’, and a session by young people from the Council for Children presented “Neglect – Our Stories”.

The Conference was closed by the young people providing their advice to delegates. Sally Halls thanked the Council for Children for their powerful messages, and reinforced the need for Herefordshire to work together to tackle child neglect.


The speakers' presentations are available for you to access below:

Bill Joyce - Engagement and working with families and children

Bill Joyce - Workshop handouts :-

Phil Raws - Presentation HSCB Neglect conference

Phil Raws - Understanding adolescent neglect presentation - online resources

Susannah Bowyer - Neglect, Sexual Harm and Abuse - Powerpoint presentation

Ane Freed-Kernis - Presentation handout:-


Tackling Child Neglect in Herefordshire

The identification and response to childhood neglect is a current priority for Herefordshire Safeguarding Children Board. We know from the examination of cases within the county that neglect occurs within families and the reasons for that can be complex. Further we know that such situations can present complex challenges to practitioners, and that we still have work to do before we can be confident that all neglect is properly recognised and responded to at the appropriate level of need.

This is evidenced by a recent serious case review and audit activity, which has demonstrated the need for continued focus on this area, the need to develop our response to children with disabilities who suffer neglect, to embed the use of the Graded Care Profile, and in particular to address concerns about chronic neglect.

During 2015/16 as many as 37% of all children subject of a child protection plan in Herefordshire were recorded under the category of neglect. By the end of June 2016 neglect was the most common reason for a child to be subject of a child protection plan within the county

The strategic aims in Herefordshire are to ensure there is early identification and response to childhood neglect, and that the neglect of children and young people is prevented whenever possible. From early support to statutory intervention there should be appropriate, consistent and timely responses across all agencies working together. Work with children and families should be positive and empowering and keep a clear focus on the impact of neglect on the child or young person.

Our core objectives as partners within Herefordshire in relation to neglect are;

  • To improve awareness and understanding of neglect across all agencies and provide effective multiagency working between services working with children and adults;
  • To provide an effective response to those children, young people and their families who are identified as living with neglect, and promote resilience of children and young people in the context of adversity;
  • To improve the recognition, assessment and support of children and young people and their families where neglect has been identified but before statutory intervention is required;
  • To ensure the effectiveness of service provision;
  • To address specifically issues of neglect for children with disabilities and special education needs;
  • To improve the assessment and intervention with children and young people once statutory intervention has become necessary; and
  • To ensure that the wishes and feelings of the child or young person are evident within the multiagency response.

To achieve these seven core objectives Herefordshire Safeguarding Children Board will:

• Ensure the early recognition of neglect through the effective use of early assessment and intervention tools, including the use of the Graded Care Profile

• Provide targeted and specialist training on neglect

• Support single agencies to provide single agency training on neglect

• Monitor the effectiveness of targeted and specialist training on neglect utilising the Joint HSCB/ HSAB training evaluation protocol.

• Coordinate the work of partner agencies to identify the key changes required to achieve the necessary improvements, then develop and support the delivery of an action plan to achieve those key changes.

• Carry out multi-agency audits of neglect cases to ensure ongoing learning to drive continuous improvement of outcomes for children and young people.

• Promote the voice of the child in child neglect cases through Board structures such as existing sub-groups and practitioner forums.

Neglect & GCP2 Training Dates 

Herefordshire Neglect Strategy 2017-2019 

HSCB QA Report on Neglect

HSCB Tackling Childhood Neglect in Herefordshire a PowerPoint Presentation

GCP2 / Levels of Need Grade Comparison

West Midlands Safeguarding Children Procedures - 2.09. Neglect

Adolescent Neglect

Source: Children's Society              Date: April 2018

Thinking about adolescent neglect; a review of research on identification, assessment and intervention

Adolescent neglect: briefing for professionals

NICE and SCIE have published a new quick guide – Getting help to overcome abuse: a quick guide for young people receiving support. The guide helps young people to understand what is meant by abuse and neglect and describes how they might feel because of their experience.  It also explains what young people should expect from services and what they should do if they are not happy with the support they are getting. A list of organisations that can help is included.

The guide is based on the NICE guideline on Child abuse and neglect and was written by a group of young people who have experienced abuse and neglect.