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Schools Training Pack - CSE

CASPAR: current awareness service for practice, policy and research Welcome to the latest CASPAR alert from NSPCC Knowledge and Information Services

Talking to children about sexual abuse

The BBC features advice for parents on how to talk to their children about sexual abuse. Advice for talking to young children includes: have simple conversations with them, teaching them that their body belongs to them and that they can say no if anybody tries to touch them; tell them the difference between a “good” and a “bad” secret; use the NSPCC’s PANTS acronym. Advice for talking to older children includes: keep talking about sex abuse right through to university age; talk about the dangers posed by smartphones and internet use but do not "shame” a child’s behaviour if they do something wrong online.

Source: BBC Date: 29 November 2016

Further information: NSPCC underwear rule

Film about child sexual exploitation

Fixers has published a short film, created by teenagers, about what child sexual exploitation means and the ways that children and young people can get caught up in it. Advice is also offered about where they can get help if they need it.

Source: Fixers  Date: 01 December 2016

Further information: Child sexual exploitation

Secondary Resources– Bait

CSE BAIT Resource for Secondary Schools and FE Colleges

The BAIT resource pack has been specifically designed for use by secondary schools and FE Colleges, targeted at 14 -17 year old students, to raise awareness and understanding of the dangers of Child Sexual Exploitation.  The BAIT resource pack, which includes a DVD and work book, has been distributed to secondary schools and FE colleges in Herefordshire.  Please click on the image below to access the online resource pack.


Primary Resources– Alright Charlie?

Alright Charlie? - CSE Resource for Primary Schools

This resource is designed for use with children aged 9-11 in primary schools and aims to highlight the warning signs of grooming in an age appropriate way.  The resource was designed in consultation with CSE professionals, primary schools teachers and children in years 5 and 6 in primary schools. The resource is accessible to girls AND boys with the viewer never discovering Charlie's gender.   The work book and teacher guidance to accompany the resource is available to download for free from the Blast website. It is very important the teacher guidance is read before delivering the session.

National experiences and specific local intelligence highlight the need for the continued prioritisation of Sexual Exploitation and Trafficking as a key priority action area for Herefordshire Safeguarding Children Board.  Our Child Sexual Exploitation Strategy has so far resulted in:

  • increased awareness across the children’s workforce of the issue and the actions to take to protect children;
  • a better understanding of what sexual exploitation looks like in Herefordshire and therefore a more comprehensive understanding of how to tackle this further;
  • and an increase in service provision for victims and perpetrators.