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School Safeguarding Training Pack

Schools Teacher Guidance and Resource Packs


The Herefordshire Community Safety Partnership (HCSP) has produced guidance and resource packs for teachers in schools to assist schools in delivering community safety messages to children. Seven subjects are available:


The Schools Teacher Guidance and Resource Packs have several objectives:

  • To protect children and young adults
  • To educate students to make safe decisions about community safety matters
  • To break the cycle of multiple generations of people making unwise decisions and learning/ adopting negative behaviours.
  • To support education establishments to deliver community safety education, by providing quality and current resources.
  • To provide this resource for primary and secondary school pupils.

Pack contents

  1. The intention is to provide an easy to use resource for teachers. The content/ materials are of good quality and the support resources (eg lesson plans, teacher notes,) clear and concise. The resources will be branded and formatted in a consistent style were possible. Materials will be updated regularly.
  2. The lessons should last approximately 1 hour.
  3. Three approaches have been used to develop the packs:
  • We have used existing resources such as a national campaign or initiative eg BAIT (CSE) or GREAT (DV) and provide accompanying guidance, teaching support and all IT links etc.
  • Teaching resources have been developed by the HCSP and other agencies/Local Authorities who have agreed that Herefordshire schools can have access to these resources
  • A combination of the two options above.