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New - Child Safeguarding Practice Reviews

Child Safeguarding Practice Reviews

When a child suffers a serious injury or death as a result of child abuse or neglect understanding what happened and why things happened can help to improve our responses in the future.   Understanding the impact that the actions of different organisations and agencies had on that childs life and on the life of their family is essential to improve our collective knowledge.

The Government provides advice and guidance to all agencies that work with children about how to conduct a Child Safeguarding Practice Review.  These are contained in "Working Together to Safeguard Children 2018" which defines the purpose of a child safeguarding practice review as follows:

The purpose of reviews of serious safeguarding cases is to identify improvements to be made to safeguard and promote the welfare of children. Reviews should seek to prevent or reduce the risk of recurrence of similar incidents.

The responsibility for reviews sits locally with the safeguarding partners their aim being to identify improvements to practice and protecting children from harm. The safeguarding partners are supported by a multi-agency case review group who, on their behalf, identify and review serious safeguarding cases, share the learning across the local economy, ensure changes to policies or training as a result of findings and undertake regular monitoring to ensure changes are embedded into practice.

The safeguarding partners have signed up to the Regional Local Child Safeguarding Practice Reviews Framework.

Learning Lessons from Child Safeguarding Practice Reviews and other reviews

All reviews and their recommendations and associated learnings will be published on these pages

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NSPCC Case Reviews pages

Click on the links below for NSPCC Case Reviews pages including the national Case Review Repository containing a searchable resource over 1,000 reports from across the UK:

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NSPCC Learning from Serious case reviews

New Report on Safeguarding Children under 1 from Non-Accidental Injury by Male Carers

The Child Safeguarding Practice Review Panel has published a report following a review of non-accidental injury to babies caused by male carers. The recommendations include important messages for practitioners to engage with and involve fathers and other men who are caring for a child, so that they are better able to cope with the stresses of caring for a baby, understand the extreme vulnerability of babies and to never shake a baby. The report found that the role that men played in the child’s life and their own experiences were frequently overlooked by services. Anger and a low tolerance of frustration were key characteristics of the men and the injuries were often responses to triggers like crying or vomiting, that are normal behaviours of babies.

Our briefing paper summarises the key messages for practitioners and identifies useful resources. The Presentation provides a full summary of the report. We encourage all professionals to disseminate this information widely among your networks and with colleagues.

The full report is available here.