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Practical parenting

This section contains advice to support you as a parent.  Please click on the links below for information:-

The NSPCC also have useful guidance for parents on their Services for children and families pages. 

Advice on how to keep your children safe in the school holidays:

If your child is involved in community activities during the school holidays,  the checklist below will help you to ensure they are properly safeguarded:-

Are the staff and volunteers suitable to work with children?
All staff and volunteers should go through a proper recruitment process which includes interviews, references and DBS (formerly CRB) checks.

How can you or your child voice concerns?
Organisations should tell you where to go and what to do, if you, or your child have any concerns.

Is there a written code of behaviour?
All organisations should have a written code of behaviour which outlines good practice when working with children.

Does the organisation have a health and safety policy?
Find out if there is an on-duty staff member qualified in First Aid, ensure that there is a First Aid Box and check whether the premises have passed fire regulations.

What are the arrangements when children go on outings?
You should be informed of arrangements for every outing, no matter how long or short, your consent mustbe requested.

What should you be wary of?

  • activities where parents are discouraged from watching or becoming involved
  • activities that encourage rough play or humiliating punishments
  • individuals who take charge and operate independently of organisational guidelines
  • encouragement of inappropriate physical contact
  • poor communication and a worrying lack of parental involvement