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Child Death Overview Panel

Child Death Reviews

When a child dies, in any circumstances, it is important for parents and families to understand what has happened and whether there are any lessons to be learned.

The responsibility for ensuring child death reviews are carried out is held by ‘child death review partners,’ who, in relation to a local authority area in England, are defined as the local authority for that area and any clinical commissioning groups operating in the local authority area.

Child death review partners must make arrangements to review all deaths of children normally resident in the local area and, if they consider it appropriate, for any non-resident child who has died in their area.  The partners in Herefordshire are working closely with their counterparts in Worcestershire to move to joint working.

This forms part of the transitional arrangements of Working Together 2018 and will be kept under review. Currently this still sits under the remit of 'Safeguarding Children & Young People in Herefordshire'.

Child death review partners for two or more local authority areas may combine and agree that their areas be treated as a single area for the purpose of undertaking child death reviews.

Child death review partners must make arrangements for the analysis of information from all deaths reviewed.

CDOP Forms (used from 1 April 2019)

Forms to help the child death overview panel (CDOP) assess the causes of a child’s death as part of the child death review process including:

CDOP and CDR Notification of Child Death form (Formerly Form A)

CDOP and CDR Child death reporting form (Formerly Form B)

Copies of all CDOP forms can be found on the following link: