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Quality Assurance and Performance Sub Group

Overall purpose of the Quality Assurance and Performance Sub Group

As a learning group of the HSCB the Quality Assurance and Evaluation Sub Group undertakes their assigned tasks within the HSCB Learning and Improvement Framework (as set out in the Quality Assurance Programme).  To improve the health and safety of children in Herefordshire.

We do this by:

Audit activity to be undertaken by partner agencies throughout the year in line with SCB priorities and report back twice yearly on trends.

Identifying and sharing good practice and learning outcomes.

Providing evidenced assurance to the HSCB that robust monitoring systems of effective processes, are in place, to safeguard children in Herefordshire.  This will include.     

  • A multi-agency strategic audit plan
  • Annual reports from key partners and providers
  • Single agency audit plans and assurance activities
  • Single agency and multi-agency (themed) performance data analysis