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HSCB Executive Group

Overall purpose of the HSCB Executive Group:

To coordinate, drive and oversee the work of the HSCB and ensure the implementation of the HSCB business plan.

We do this by

  • Ensuring the voices of children/young people are heard
  • Overseeing and coordinating the work of the subgroups and the HSCB business unit
  • Preparing, monitoring and reviewing the annual Business Plan
  • Developing and maintaining the HSCB risk register
  • Monitoring attendance at HSCB and its subgroups
  • Reporting to HSCB at each of its quarterly meetings on the┬áprogress of the HSCB's work including proposing revised timescales with a rationale for the revision should deadlines not be possible to meet
  • Monitoring the impact of action plans arising from single agency inspections on behalf of the Board
  • Identifying thematic activity for the QA subgroup
  • Holding lead officer to account for effective delivery of agreed actions
  • Contributing to the development of the Annual Report
  • Maintaining the active engagement of specialist advisors in the work of the HSCB
  • Overseeing, scrutinizing and monitoring the terms of reference and work plans for any subgroups and task groups established to ensure they are compliant with legislation and guidance and with the HSCB Business Plan
  • Respond to Department for Education (DfE) consultations
  • Advise HSCB of any resource implications arising from the outputs from task and finish groups