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What will happen when I report suspected abuse?

When you contact the safeguarding adults team with a concern they will:

  • Discuss your concerns with you
  • Give you advice about whether or not this situation needs safeguarding actions
  • Ask you for the information that they need to investigate this as a safeguarding case, using the HSAB Concern Form.

They may ask you to complete a HSAB Concern Form, or complete it for you, using your views or concerns.

You can download and complete the HSAB Concern Form yourself, using the HSAB Form Guidance and send it to the Herefordshire safeguarding adults team at:

When it's not safeguarding

Sometimes another team or agency will be the best one to respond. The safeguarding adults team will decide which team is best able to respond to the needs or concerns that have been identified. They will agree with you whether you or they should make contact.