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Herefordshire Safeguarding Adults Board

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Partnership Information Bulletin 07/10/21

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Herefordshire Safeguarding Adults Board meets throughout the year, bringing together representatives from various agencies and organisations in Herefordshire to work in partnership to protect adults in Herefordshire. By sharing best practice and expertise we can ensure that adults have access to the right support and services they need.

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HSAB's sub group structure and governance

HSAB vision

HSAB member agencies and organisations

HSAB multi-agency policies & procedures

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HSAB's sub group structure and governance

The work of the Board and its governance structures are detailed within the Board's constitution and member's handbook. Herefordshire Safeguarding Adults Board has a number of sub groups to carry out its functions and progress its business objectives.  

The groups carry out work as directed by the Board and the Board receive regular reports of the progress being made in each group. More detail about the work of each group is available through our Business Plan2014-15 Annual Report2015-16 Annual Report  2015-18 Strategic Plan, 2016-17 Annual Report  2017/18 Annual Report, 2018/19 Annual Report, and 2019/20 Annual Report

HSAB vision

The vision of HSAB is that Herefordshire’s adults at risk are able to exercise choice and control in an environment in which their well-being needs are met and they are safe from harm.

HSAB member agencies and organisations

Herefordshire Safeguarding Adults Board includes members from a wide range of key partner agencies and organisations. 

If you would like to speak to any of Herefordshire Safeguarding Adults Board's members with regard to a safeguarding issue, please contact the Partnership Team who will make arrangements as appropriate.

All members’ agencies have signed up the HSAB Constitution which acknowledges their commitment to the Board’s vision, mission and values. This document supports members’ accountability and the ability of organisations to challenge effectively each other’s work.

Contact us

You can get in touch with Herefordshire Safeguarding Adults Board and the Herefordshire Safeguarding Adults Board Independent Chair by writing to us at:

Herefordshire Safeguarding Adults Board
Council Offices
Plough Lane

Alternatively you can e-mail us on or call us on 01432 260100.

Herefordshire Safeguarding Partnership Team

Ivan Powell: Independent Chair of Herefordshire Safeguarding Adults Board (HSAB)

Adesua Osime: Interim Partnership Manager

Angela Wilson: Partnership Deputy Manager

Adrian Turton: Partnership Officer

Anne Bonney: Partnership Officer

Milly Francis: Partnership Support Officer