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Here are the areas that we focus on:

Making Herefordshire's roads safer

We work closely with the Safer Roads Partnership for West Mercia and local policing teams to identify areas where speeding is considered a particular problem for local residents. While West Mercia Police are responsible for the actual enforcement of speed limits, you can talk to us about possible speed calming measures. You could also set up one of our roadside speed indication devices in your community to encourage better driver behaviour, if that's an appropriate solution.

Policing in Herefordshire

Local West Mercia teams work with more specialist officers to ensure the county is policed round the clock. Find out more about what West Mercia Police are doing in your area.

Keeping Herefordshire clean and tidy

Waste, litter, flyposting and graffiti spoil our streets and public places. So it's important we all do what we can to make sure that Herefordshire stays clean and tidy.

You can report a problem to us, but you could also arrange or join in with, or organise your own community litter pick to keep your community as beautiful as it deserves to be.

Community Safety Partnership members

The other members of the Community Safety Partnership are: